National Initiative for Social Participation

April 28, 2009, 10am - 4pm, College Park, MD
Univ of Maryland, Hornbake Library, SOUTH Wing, Second Floor Conference Room 2116
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Agenda (Subject to Change)
10am: Introductions
11am: Presentations: Ben Shneiderman presents background and goals [Slides 10MB]
11:30am: Peter Pirolli gives talk on foundational science issues:

Theory-Driven Research to Promote Social Participation
  • Abstract: User interfaces and information systems have become increasingly social in recent years, aimed at supporting the decentralized, collaborative production of user-generated content. Increasingly these efforts focus on national priorities such as healthcare, community safety, life-long learning, and business innovation. A theory that predicts the impact of interface and interaction designs on participation rates is likely to be useful. This talk extends Information Foraging Theory towards making predictions about the motivating/inhibiting effects of diversity, privacy, recognition, reward, etc. on participation rates, generalized reciprocity, and willingness to lead/follow. This talk pushes past the notions of only gathering information or forming collective intelligence – it is more closely aligned with promoting collective action, increasing social capital, resolving social dilemmas, and encouraging generalized reciprocity.
  • Peter Pirolli is a Research Fellow in the Augmented Social Cognition Area at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), where he has been pursuing studies of human information interaction since 1991. Prior to joining PARC, he was an Associate Professor in the School of Education at UC Berkeley. Pirolli received his doctorate in cognitive psychology from Carnegie Mellon University in 1985. He is an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Association for Psychological Science, the National Academy of Education, and the Association for Computing Machinery Computer-Human Interaction Academy. His recent book is titled “Information Foraging Theory: Adaptive Interaction with Information.” He is Associate Editor of Human Computer Interaction.

12:30pm: Lunch (our treat, Chinese, including vegetarian)

1:30pm: Breakout sessions to work on Research Challenges and White Paper
2:30pm: Discussion of Research Challenges and White Paper
3:30pm: Future plans
4:00pm: Departure
6:30pm: Dinner for those who are around
- Garden Restaurant at the Marriott Inn & Conference Center

Note: We've been concerned about the increased carbon footprint generated by people flying in to this meeting. Upon reflection the hosts (Jenny Preece and Ben Shneiderman) have purchased carbon offsets to cover all attendees from
- No action is needed on your part. This was our initiative and I hope you will consider reducing or offsetting for your future travel plans.

National Initiatives for Social Participation
Participants on April 28, 2009

Agreed to Attend: Organizers
Ben Shneiderman, Univ of Maryland
Peter Pirolli, PARC
Jenny Preece, Univ of Maryland
Ben Bederson, Univ of Maryland
Derek Hansen, Univ of Maryland

Harry Hochheiser, Towson Univ

Agreed to Attend

Jeffrey R. Cooper, SAIC Technical Fellow, VP for Technology, Chief Innovation Officer
Marc A. Smith, Chief Social Scientist, Telligent

David McDonald, National Science Foundation,
Haym Hirsh, National Science Foundation
Robert Bohn, National Coordinating Office, NITRD

Fernanda B Viegas, IBM-Research, CambridgeMA
Irene Greif, IBM-Research, CambridgeMA
Wendy Kellogg, IBM-Research-Yorktown
John Thomas, IBM-Research-Yorktown

Natasa Milic-Frayling, MSR-CambridgeUK
Eduarda Mendes, MSR-CambridgeUK

Gary Olson, UC-Irvine
Gary Marchionini, U-North Carolina
Marti Hearst, UC-Berkeley
John Riedl, U-Minnesota
Tom Malone, MIT

Art Hanson,
David Bruggeman, USACM
Jeff Young, Chronicle of Higher Education

Bill Rand, Univ of Maryland
Catherine Plaisant, Univ of Maryland

Replied with interest but will not attend:
Amy Bruckman, GA Tech
Jack Carroll, Penn State Univ
Pierre de Vries, Silicon Flatirons Center
Greg Elin, Sunlight Foundation
Gerhard Fischer, U-Colo
Roxanne Hiltz, NJIT
Bernardo Huberman, HP Labs
Sara Kiesler, CMU
Joe Konstan, U-Minn
Bob Kraut, CMU
Jonathan Lazar, Towson U
Mike Nelson, Georgetown Univ
Mary Beth Rosson, Penn State Univ
Jan Gerrit Schuurman
Jeannette Wing, NSF & CMU

Slides and Presentations from the workshops

Ben Shneiderman's reader-to-leader presentation