Talk title: Theory-Driven Research to Promote Social Participation

Presenter: Peter Pirolli (PARC)

Abstract: User interfaces and information systems have become increasingly social in recent years, aimed at supporting the decentralized, collaborative production of user-generated content. Increasingly these efforts focus on national priorities such as healthcare, community safety, life-long learning, and business innovation. A theory that predicts the impact of interface and interaction designs on participation rates is likely to be useful. This talk extends Information Foraging Theory towards making predictions about the motivating/inhibiting effects of diversity, privacy, recognition, reward, etc. on participation rates, generalized reciprocity, and willingness to lead/follow. This talk pushes past the notions of only gathering information or forming collective intelligence – it is more closely aligned with promoting collective action, increasing social capital, resolving social dilemmas, and encouraging generalized reciprocity.

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