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FULL REPORT (June 2, 2009)

Workshop - Apr 28, 2009 - Agenda and List of Participants
Theory-Driven Research to Promote Social Participation (workshop talk by Peter Pirolli)

Initial Motivation - Appeared in Science, March 13, 2009, by Ben Shneiderman
Motivating Scenario - Describes challenges facing a group that tries to organize their community, by Harry Hochheiser

Scientific Foundations and Challenges
-- WhitePaper - Draft of the 1-2 page document we hope to create
Research Challenges - That could be compelling national priorities, with science questions, and computer science challenges

Open Problems - List of problems to be solved in social participation systems
Related Courses - Starting point for educational efforts and research centers
Relevant Organizations - Professional and other societies that could be helpful

Press coverage:
Chronicle article, Jeff Young, May 4, 2009
In addition to the article Jeff Young started a blog that generated some comments:
ACM Tech News did a follow up story: